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All About Ozona Fish Camp

Our Philosophy

At Ozona Fish Camp, we believe that boating should be easy and fun. We are committed to providing an atmosphere that encourages this philosophy.

- Our customers have access to their boats 24 hours per day, seven days a week.
- Full maintenance and repair services are available on-site.
- A state-of-the-art surveillance system is in place and the owners live on-site, providing security and peace of mind.
- We continue to implement the changes needed to make your boating experience as satisfying as possible.


Our History

1860s - After blazing a trail from Tampa along what is now known as Hillsborough Avenue and Tampa Road, Ozona's early settlers discovered the area's outstanding beauty and abundant fishing potential.

1882 - The town of Yellow Bluff, Ozona's original name, was platted by J.B. Walton.

1887 - The Orange Belt Railroad opened, bringing an influx of tourists to Yellow Bluff. Commercial fishing and citrus farming became the area's primary ways to make a living.

1888 - Fearing a negative connotation following the national epidemic of yellow fever, the townspeople of Yellow Bluff changed the name to Ozona, meaning clean air. Many believed that the waters of St. Joseph Sound contained healing properties and flocked to the area to escape the epidemic. During this time, a few fish camps were established for the local commercial fisherman. The location of one of these camps is where Ozona Fish Camp is today.

Early 1900s - During this time, Ozona continued to grow as a vibrant fishing community. Marino's Marina, now known as Ozona Fish Camp, offered boat storage and launching. In the 1950s, after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dredged a channel into Ozona from the Intracoastal Waterway, the Hager Family expanded the marina.

1950 to 1978 - The marina changed hands a few times, eventually resting in the hands of John and Patricia Dreyer.

1978 - The marina's name was officially changed to Pat's Landing. In 1985, the Dreyers built their residence over the bait shop. Mrs. Dreyer continued to operate the marina for eight years after her husband's death 1990. In 1998, she sold it to Dave and Betty Missigman.

2000 - Tony and Jayne Marino became the proud owners of Pat's Landing. In 2004, while undergoing significant improvements in facilities and services, the name was changed to Marino's Marina.

2005 - Marino's Marina was designated as a Clean Marina by the State of Florida's Department of Environmental Protection. The marina has proudly maintained this status.

2015 to Present - Eric and Karen McLendon purchased the marina from the Marinos and changed its name. Through continued improvements in facilities and service, Ozona Fish Camp takes great pride in offering the local boating community an affordable, convenient, and comfortable marina.